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Kim and Jamye each have children and understand that families are busy and involved in many different activities. Often mealtime is not spent at home. They realize that families with small children need a solution that will make life easier during mealtime and snack times. Kim and Jamye created ciao! baby® with this in mind. The ciao! baby® portable high chair is a lightweight flexible high chair with an attached tray that requires no assembly. The tray, which is the most unique feature of our portable high chair, sets it apart from any other product in the market.

After five years of intense work on getting it right, Kim and Jamye have created a product that fills a need for families on the go with small children. The ciao! baby® portable high chair makes life convenient and you can carry it with you anywhere! ciao! baby® easily unfolds, locks into place and folds back up in seconds with no attachments or assembly required. ciao! baby® is ideal for personal use in travel, tailgating, camping, picnics, grandma’s house and gift giving for families with children up to three years old.

Kim and Jamye co-founded the Jamberly Group, which markets the ciao! baby® portable high chair and is dedicated to bringing unique products to life! Jamberly’s mission for ciao! baby® is to offer solutions for families on the go with small children who want to enjoy a meal outside the comforts of their own home.

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