Camp Ready! Happy Father’s Day!

Summer is in full swing, so it is a great time to start planning that family weekend camping trip.  If you are a family that camps, you know that it can seem like you are taking your entire house with you for a simple weekend trip.  ciao! baby can make life just a little easier. If you have a little one under three, having a place for your child to enjoy a meal or just be securely up off the ground, can be a lifesaver.  The convenient carrying bag with shoulder strap makes it easy to take to the beach or pool as well.

The Hoopman portable basketball goal is another great item to throw in for the the little ones!  It also comes in it’s own carrying bag and takes up very little space.  It is sure to entertain the little ones (and not so little ones!) for hours.

Planning ahead can also make a big difference for a stress free camping weekend.  Start making your list of “must have’s” a couple of weeks ahead of time. Designate an area in your home or garage that is out of the way and start compiling things.  Keep your list handy (on your cell phone) so as you think of things, you can add them to the list.  Enjoy that outdoor family time, you are making memories your kids will remember for years to come!