Daily Military Mom blogs about Hoopman!


Here’s a clip from the Daily Military Mom website…they have a great website full of info and resources!

From their site:  ABOUT US

We are an online magazine for military spouses and families. Military life is unique, and our goal is to provide families with resources as well as a space that spouses can find support. We talk about military life, fashion, fitness, beauty, travel, the best products, and more. Daily Mom Military knows that military spouses are more than just military spouses, and that’s why we created a place that is military life and more.

They recently published a guide entitled OUR FAVORITE WANT, NEED, SHARE, READ, WEAR CHRISTMAS LIST FOR KIDS THIS YEAR. It was meant as a Christmas Guide, but it has so many great products for year around!

Check it out today!

ciao! baby Hoopman