What’s your favorite Fall Activity?

We love to get outside and enjoy the wonderful fall season with our kids!. ciao! baby chair is the must have accessory for baby outdoors. Ciao! Baby offers a safe and convenient place for your little one to enjoy being outside. Don’t forget sun protection when the weather cools off! The ciao! baby umbrella is a great tool for giving shade to your little one when enjoying the outdoors in his/her ciao! baby chair.  

Coordinating a picnic at the park or lakeside is an easy option with baby in tow when you have your handy ciao! Baby chair. When baby is sitting in his/her ciao! Baby chair, give him/her a handful of leaves and watch the wonder of Fall unfold in front of their eyes! To hear the crunching of leaves, smell the grass and  see the vivid colors make life an adventure of learning for baby!


Happy Fall to all!!!  Don’t forget to share your favorite fall family pics with us…we love to hear from you!