What’s your favorite use for ciao! baby?

We love getting feedback from parents and grandparents telling us how they love ciao! baby chair and how it makes their lives so much easier. We receive a lot of comments from parents that use ciao! baby as their everyday high chair. If space is limited in your home, ciao! baby can make a great everyday high chair. It takes up little space and can easily be folded and hid. Clean up is so easy. A damp cloth and mild detergent wipes it clean every time.

If your baby is just starting to sit up and use a high chair, this can be a great solution also. You may not be quite ready to set up the full size high chair. ciao! baby can be a great interim chair until baby is ready for to use a full size high chair everyday.

Thanks for sharing your great ciao! baby photos and stories…keep them coming! We love to hear from you and see pictures of your sweet little ones!