ciao! baby chair – Grandparent Must Have!

Grandparents love ciao! baby chair!  It’s lightweight, flexible and portable design make it easy to use and store.  Perfect for those family visits and stores easily. Check ciao! baby chair out today!

We love getting feedback from parents and grandparents telling us how they love ciao! baby chair and how it makes their lives so much easier.  Many Grandparents use ciao! baby as their everyday high chair. If space is limited in your home, ciao! baby will make a great everyday high chair. It takes up little space and can easily be folded and put away. Clean up is so easy. A damp cloth and mild detergent wipes it clean every time.

If your baby (or grand baby) is just starting to sit up and use a high chair, ciao! baby is a great solution for you! You will love the ease and convenience ciao! baby offers… easy to set up and easy to take down when everyone leaves.  ciao! baby is so light weight that you can transport it from the kitchen to the living room or outside deck with little effort! ciao! baby folds up compactly and stows away easily when you are ready to clear your area! ciao! baby comes in a convenient carry bag so you can take it with you anywhere! Families who love to camp are especially fond of ciao! baby as now baby has a special campfire seat like everyone else in the family!  This product was made for families on the go with small children! We understand that families are busy and more mobile than ever before! ciao! baby is your solution for mealtime outside the comforts of home!

Thanks for sharing your great ciao! baby photos and stories…keep them coming! We love to hear from you and see pictures of your sweet little ones!

Grandma’s house!