Portable products for the little one!

We love babies and we love to watch them grow.  Just as important, we admire moms and dads who work hard to create a good life for their children. Our aim is to create some really cool stuff to help families on the go with small children. We believe in family time AND play time.  And that’s what inspires our products. We understand that families are busy and on the go and want products and services that make their life easier.   At Jamberly Group, our goal is to make life a little easier when you are out and about with baby and/or your toddler!

Our ciao! baby chair was invented for trips to grandma’s house, camping, the beach, restaurants and general on-the-go-eating for baby.  Mealtime outside the comforts of home don’t have to be stressful!! ciao! baby fits in a carrying bag and weighs less than 8lbs! Tote it with you anywhere!  The Hoopman portable basketball goal is perfect for little ones that want to play like the big guys!  This unique item fits in a carrying bag just like our chairs and promotes active play!