The Drop Stoppers!

The beginning of summer is one of our favorite times of year. Getting ready for that first camping trip of the season always brings a smile to our faces. We like to keep it simple, but traveling with little ones can be overwhelming. It seems like you are packing everything but the kitchen sink for a weekend away from home. ciao! baby makes it a little easier! At least playtime and feeding time can be made easier.
Ever looked down at the dirty restaurant floor and cringed? You know what’s coming…the dreaded drop it game.

Does the 5 second rule apply here? The Drop Stopper will save you from picking that toy or sippy cup up off the dirty floor every 2.5 seconds.

The Drop Stopper is a series of rings that connects to your ciao! baby chair or other gear and attaches to your child’s sippy cup to prevent it from hitting the floor. Stop playing the “drop game” and order yours today. Keeps unwanted germs from getting on your child’s things as well!

It is a great accessory to the ciao! baby® chair and we hope your little one enjoys it as much as we know you will!! Drop Stopper and ciao! baby® are perfect for travel, outdoors, camping, grandma’s house and small spaces! It makes life easier and more convenient for the busy family. It’s a GREAT gift idea too!