The Travel Tray and Great snack ideas from ciao! baby

Ultimate Travel Companion
Plate/cup holder combo that fits in your ciao! baby chair sippy cup holder! Contains food perfectly! Prevents spills.
Universal design, all-in-one cup and snack holder that fits quickly and easily into your standard car seat and auto cup holder.
Travel Tray is focused on stopping spills – great for kids and when you are on the go. Easy to clean, sturdy and designed to keep snacks handy & mess free. Travel Tray securely holds cups, bottles, snacks & food reducing messy spills!
It is a great accessory to the ciao! baby® chair and we hope your little one enjoys it as much as we know you will!! Travel Tray and ciao! baby® are perfect for travel, outdoors, camping, grandma’s house and small spaces! It makes life easier and more convenient for the busy family. It’s a GREAT gift idea too!

Feed your sweet tooth…we love frozen fruit! Try freezing fresh grapes in a plastic zip lock bag. Simply delicious! Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are great too! ciao! baby!
Have a great day!!!

Fits right into the cup holder!