Mom’s Trunk and Grandma’s Closet: ciao! baby chair solution

Mom’s Trunk and Grandma’s Closet:  ciao! baby chair solution

The ciao! baby portable high chair is the perfect solution for families on the go.  We like to say it is great for mom’s trunk and grandma’s closet.  We have found that many parents who own the ciao! baby chair, leave it in their car, so it is always available for that meal, soccer game, or play date at the park. It takes up very little trunk space and is conveniently stored in it’s own carrying bag.

We have also found that almost as many grandparents own the ciao! baby chair as parents!  Ciao! baby chair is great for holiday use and family visits.  It isn’t always practical for grandparents to own a full size high chair.  Storage is a huge issue…where in the world do you store it on the days when your grandchildren aren’t  visiting!  Storage is never a problem with ciao! baby chair…it folds up, fits in it’s carrying bag and neatly stores in a closet without taking up much space at all.

We hope ciao! baby chair makes your life just a little bit easier!

Cool kids!

Cool kids!