10 things Mom needs in her car for life with baby

trunkWhile raising my two daughters, I have found myself in some very unpredictable situations while out in the world. Everyone packs a diaper bag but when you are running low on sleep and time, sometimes its nice to have everything you need or maybe just extras in the car. Keeping my trunk stocked saves stress and time for a family on-the-go. I want to show you what is in my trunk to help you prepare for anything those fun and crazy kids throw at you.

1. Stroller/Stroller Base/Travel System – Everyone has their preference, I use a stroller base since it is lightweight and easier for me to open and close. I’m only 5’2. Regardless of your choice, keep some wheels in your trunk so you are ready to walk long distances without packing the baby. I also keep my Ergo baby carrier in my car as well. I’m always ready to hike if the conditions are right.

2. Waterproof picnic blanket – Over the years, it has been nice to run through a drive-thru and pop into a park for lunch. It helps take advantage of a beautiful day. I’ve had to use it at water parks when concrete was too hot and a field when our car broke down. I purchased mine at Walmart for under $15. Worth ever penny when you need it.

3. Umbrella – This is self-explanatory. I always forget the umbrella so leaving one in the trunk is a must for me.

4. Diaper Changing Station – I have a small caddy in my trunk that holds diapering essentials: changing pad, a few diapers, wipes, rash cream and disposable scented diaper trash bags. Be mindful of the diaper size, I have forgotten to change them out before, but even a small size is useful if you have none.

5. Plastic grocery bag – Needless to say, there have been some diaper explosions on my watch. I have also experienced my child getting soaked unexpectedly and I used a grocery bag to keep wet clothes until we arrived home. We all know these bags have multiple uses, add this to the list.

6. Extra Outfit – I shop yard sales for an extra outfit to leave in my trunk. I have been known to forget to restock the diaper bag and wouldn’t you know that would be the day I need a spare outfit. Recently, Violet went through 2 outfits during one meal. It never hurts to have a spare.

7. Toilet Paper in a ziploc bag- We are a big camping, hiking, outdoors loving family so we find ourselves in the wilderness often. The roll is mostly used for emergency snotty noses but you will laugh until the day you need it and then you will be so glad you have it.

8. Personal Care items – No explanation needed, sometimes you forget things like deodorant or sanitary products. We are mothers, usually running low on sleep.

9. Shopping Cart Cover – I forgot this in the video because it was in the wash. It usually stays in my trunk unless it gets dirty. Grocery store trips can be so much easier with one, mine has loops for toys.

10. Ciao! Baby Chair – This is my Mommy must have. When I had my second child, I bought another one. I love it for so many reasons: camping, picnics, Grandma’s House, tailgating, restaurants, dinner on the patio. I literally take it every where we go.

I know what you are thinking. Does this lady have any room for groceries in her trunk? The answer is YES! I also have peace of mind knowing I have essentials with me all the time.

I feel like I am ready for the unexpected day-to-day with a baby. Did I forget anything? What’s in your trunk that missed?