Solutions for travel: packing light or everything but the kitchen sink!?

ciao! baby chairs on the go

ciao! baby chairs on the go

We are sure you have heard “pack light” when traveling…whoever said this must not have had small children!  Preparing to travel with small children begs the question, “why do we do this?”  But a little  preparation will pay off!  If a little pre-planning makes your trip a little less

stressful and more relaxed,    it’s well worth it.

For children under three, we have found that you pretty much need a portable version of all your major equipment you have at home…crib, stroller, high chair…we like ciao! baby chair, of course. We recommend calling ahead to where you are staying…if they have some of the major equipment, you may not need to lug it all with you.

For all the little things you will need, how you pack really depends on your personality.  Many people would rather just take the essentials and shop for other things when they get to their destination.  Others would find that having to shop as soon as they arrive would be a hassle and would much prefer to take the “kitchen sink” route.  Even if you decide to travel light, we suggest that you take enough of your baby’s food, diapers and clothes for at least one extra day of travel.  This way, you at least have the essentials covered if an unforeseen delay occurs.  The best suggestion we have seen for how to make your “list” is to create it throughout the course of a day or two and jot down things as you use them.  Sitting down and trying to make a quick list could lead to forgetting something essential.  Most importantly, remember that most likely anything you would forget could either easily be replaced and done without.

Happy and safe holiday travels!