Dining out…is it worth the hassle? Dining out do’s and don’ts

Dining out with ciao! baby chair

Dining out…is it worth the hassle?  Dining out do’s and don’ts!

Eating out can be one of the best ways to enjoy family quality time.  Even though we eat meals together everyday, there’s something about dining out that can bring us even closer to our kids and spouses.  Maybe it’s just the change of environment or the lack of typical household distractions.  Families with small children may tend to shy away from dining out.  Your little one can be a cranky companion!  Here are some of the best tips we’ve seen to enjoy your dinner out and your family.

“Do” Plan ahead…make sure you are choosing a family friendly restaurant.  A call ahead confirms it or if you know they have kids menus and high chairs, that’s a strong indicator.

“Don’t” Choose a peak dining time.  Most restaurants have pretty consistent busy times…try to plan around that.  For example, an early arrival time not only insures a quick seat, but also can reduce the amount of time it takes to get served.  You may even find yourself taking more time and staying longer just because it is less stressful and relaxed.

“Do” bring your own high chair. This is the perfect setting for ciao! baby portable high chair.  It truly is the go-anywhere-highchair.  Ciao! baby is not dependent on a chair to sit on or a table to clip onto.  This makes it the perfect solution no matter the restaurant seating.  Another great reason for bringing your own is germs…let’s face it, you just never know what could be lurking in one of those high chairs restaurants provide!

“Don’t” rely solely on the restaurant menu to feed baby.  You never can tell how long service will be and if baby can get started eating right away, it may be a much more pleasant experience for all!  Secondly, unless you are very familiar with the menu,  the choices just might not suit your child.  Better safe than sorry, even if you don’t use the snacks or food you carried in.

“Do” bring  disposable wipes to make clean up quick and easy.  Wipes can be used to not only clean up baby, but the entire area.  Another reason we love ciao! baby chair is the clear cover on the tray…it is super sanitary and wipe clean so easily!

Just remember that eating out can be a great experience for all.  A little pre-planning and the taking the right things makes it even better!

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